Zippmo Earthquake Kit Review

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When it comes to an emergency or survival situation, preparation can be the difference between life and death. With natural disasters liable to strike just about anywhere at any time, it’s incredibly important to have a backup plan in case something happens on short notice. One of the best ways you can prepare is with a survival or emergency kit. These survival kits allow you to hunker down in place if needed, including supplies to keep you safe for a few days until you can get help.Even if they aren’t ever used, the peace of mind alone is worth the affordable price tag on many of these professionally curated kits.

Zippmo Earthquake Kit Review

Carefully crafted to support 2 people for 72 hours, this survival kit aims to provide everything you’d need to last until power is restored, help arrives, or things return to normal again. Contained in a military-style backpack is a collection of survival gear, which includes food and water as well as tools, aid, and more to keep you alive and relatively comfortable no matter the situation. Whether you’re stranded in a forest or hunkering down during a hurricane, you’ll be glad that you prepared for an emergency with a survival pack.

Who is this product for?

This survival kit is made to be an emergency backup in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster or other survival situation. That makes it ideal for anyone who is at a higher risk for situations where they may be without food, water, or power for a few days such as after an earthquake. It can also be used as an advanced emergency kit to keep in your car if you camp or travel frequently, or if you’re stranded somewhere.

The Zippmo Earthquake Kit is not a long-term solution for multiple people, as it primarily contains only essentials for 2 people for up to 3 days. If you’re more than 2 people or want to be extra safe with supplies, you’ll need to supplement the kit. It also lacks some outdoor supplies like a fire starter, which makes it more of an indoor kit.

What’s included?

The Zippmo Earthquake Kit includes a military-style backpack filled with carefully picked gear and supplies that will last 2 people up to 72 hours. These supplies include food and water (as well as water purification methods), safety gear like an aid kit, flashlight, and multi-tool, and blankets/ponchos for keeping warm and dry.


The Zippmo Earthquake Kit comes in a military backpack with pockets and compartments to hold all the included gear (and then some). The bag can be worn or carried by hand for better portability, and is water resistant so it can protect the gear in inclement weather.

Inside the backpack there are emergency food rations, which provide enough calories for 2 people to last 72 hours, as well as 20 packs of emergency water, water purification tablets, and a Nalgene bottle to hold collected or purified water. The included aid kit will come in handy if any emergencies come up.

Gear is provided in the Zippmo Earthquake Kit as well, with a multi-tool that can help with a wide array of tasks and a hand-cranked flashlight and charging device to keep light going (along with glow sticks) or your phone charged to call for help.

Shelter and comfort materials are included in the form of blankets, ponchos, and hand warmers so you stay warm and dry no matter the environment you end up in. You’ll find tissues, hygienic product, an emergency whistle, and a deck of cards along with the remaining miscellaneous gear as well.

How to get the most out of it

The Zippmo Earthquake Kit contains a collection of survival gear that each has its own uses, but to get the most out of your kit you’ll want to keep it somewhere nearby so it can be grabbed when needed. Keeping it in your car or basement means it’ll never be far and if you need to seek shelter, it’ll already be there.

In terms of maintenance, you should check the gear for defects and replace any food every few years because the emergency bars have an expiration date.


  • Large container
  • Ultra-light materials
  • Includes specialized tool kit


  • Low quality materials


If you’re looking to support more people and want something a bit more versatile in terms of  outdoor use, consider the Sustain Supply Premium Emergency Bag. This kit supports a family of 4 for 72 hours, and includes additional gear like a pot and portable stove to boil your own water, cook food, and more. You’ll also receive a camping knife which may be more suited to survival than a multi-tool, and fire starters which are crucial to many emergency situations.


When it comes to 2-person survival kits, the Zippmo Earthquake Kit is a great option that excels at indoor use due to its extensive collection of food and water, tools, and comfort items. Everyone should have a backup plan, and this kit makes it easy and affordable to prepare for most natural disasters. The Zippmo Earthquake Kit is a great start to an emergency kit, and along with additional food, water, and other supplies it can likely support a family comfortably no matter the conditions.