Emergency Zone Survival Kit Review

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They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to dealing with natural disasters and emergencies, having a plan can make all the difference. Many don’t realize they aren’t prepared for an emergency until it’s too late, leaving them stranded without food, water, or help.In addition to having a plan for your family, having the gear necessary for survival is one of the best investments you can make. The most important piece of gear is a survival kit. Even if you don’t need to use it, the peace of mind it offers is invaluable.

Emergency Zone Survival Kit Review

Emergency Zone Survival Kit Review

Available in your choice of 2-person or 4-person sizes, the Emergency Zone Survival Kit is a carefully built emergency bag filled with supplies to last 72 hours for multiple people. All the gear is selected by survival experts to ensure that it is full of useful, reliable items to help you survive.

From the necessities like food and water to more luxury items like toiletries, it contains just about everything you may need to tide you over in the aftermath of a natural disaster or other disaster scenario.

Who is this product for?

Whether you’re a full-fledged doomsday prepper or just someone who wants peace of mind for their family during an emergency, you’ll benefit from the Emergency Zone Survival Kit. While those who are at high risk for disasters like Californians or Floridians absolutely need a kit, nobody is immune to tragedy so everyone should have a backup plan.

As long as you choose the appropriate size kit for your family, you’ll have enough gear to sustain you until the situation normalizes and you can seek help. It can be stored in your home or car and is portable enough to go with you, so there’s no excuse not to have something for emergencies.

What’s included?

The Emergency Zone Survival Kit includes a wide variety of different consumables and gear packed neatly into a backpack for portability. Inside the bag there are hand-picked first aid products, weather protection and shelter, food and water sources, tools, and more to accommodate either 2 or 4 people. You’ll also receive a guidebook to help you learn what to do in the case of an emergency as well as how to use the gear that is included.


With over 30 different products inside, the weather-resistant backpack is neatly organized and filled to the brim with helpful gear. Depending on which size package you choose, you’ll have a different amount of food, water, and personal gear but the same shared items. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll receive a guidebook to help you use the products and weather an emergency.

The bag holds:

  • 3 days of food and water per person
  • 2 sleeping bags and ponchos per person
  • 2 glowsticks, hand warmers, and toothbrushes per person
  • First Aid Kit
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight and radio
  • Multitool, whistle, and tape
  • Miscellaneous other gear

This product does not offer many outdoor survival tools like fire starters/matches or portable stoves, instead primarily focusing on making your bunker as comfortable as possible. It also does not have a phone charger or renewable source of light, which can be a problem if you lose power.

How to get the most out of it

To get the most out of the survival kit, keep it either in your car (for those who travel or camp) or somewhere close by at home so it can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Adding additional food, clothing, or other items to the backpack can also extend its usefulness, giving you a portable to-go bag in case you need to leave on short notice.


  • Discrete
  • Can sustain 2 people for 72 hours
  • Big side and front pockets


  • Doesn’t have a frame


While this kit includes a lot of the necessities, it lacks some pieces that are important in many cases such as a phone charger and renewable power source. Crank power sources can go a long way, and having access to a charged smartphone is crucial to getting help and information during a crisis.

The Complete Earthquake Bag is another option to consider, offering a crank flashlight/radio/charger as well as 3 days of food and water, similar shelter per person, and additional gear. It also comes in sizes from 1-6 people, so they have a package that will accommodate your whole family.


While there’s no single survival bag that fits everyone’s specific needs, the Emergency Zone Survival Kit is a great backup plan or beginning to a truly comprehensive bug out bag. Filled with quality gear picked especially for survival by experts, this 72-hour supply of food, water, and necessary gear supports 1-4 people through emergency conditions until help arrives or things normalize. From necessities to tools that could potentially save your life, the Emergency Zone Survival Kit is an affordable and versatile option to give your family peace of mind.