The 3 Recent Events That Prove the Crypto Bull Run is Ready For Takeoff Again

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The 3 Recent Events That Prove the Crypto Bull Run is Ready For Takeoff Again

One of the key tenets of my new publication Continually Better is to help others build long-term wealth. Personally, I feel that the easiest way to do that is through cryptocurrency investing. I have had substantial success in this area, and believe that the next great opportunity for massive gains is quickly approaching. Now is the time to secure financial greatness!

Are The Bulls Ready To Run?

Why am I feeling particularly optimistic that we are on the brink of a new Bull Run?

Quite simply, it’s been an eventful few weeks and several newsworthy items have occurred in recent days that portend well for the future of digital assets. These include:

What do all these things mean when pieced together? Quite obviously, the stars are beginning to align for cryptocurrencies. When coupled with the next Bitcoin Halvening due to take place in less than a year, as well as the expectation that the Fed is done raising interest rates after this month, everything is lining up well for mass adoption and future gains.

Let’s dive in to some of these bullish circumstances.

BlackRock Gives the Flashing Green Light to Bitcoin

In one of the most notable turns, BlackRock has suddenly become ultra-bullish on Bitcoin and digital currencies. With over 9 Trillion in assets under management, anything they throw their considerable influence behind is likely to thrive. That is why their recent actions have raised a lot of eyebrows.

First, a few weeks back, BlackRock announced their intention to launch a Bitcoin ETF, which was surprising given the SEC’s recent legal actions against the cryptocurrency industry.

Then the following week in an appearance on Fox Business, BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink touted Bitcoin as an “international asset” and asserted the firm intends to make cryptocurrencies both easier to invest in and less costly to utilize.

The message from Wall Street could not be any clearer. This is a strong flashing signal that now is the time to start preparing for more mainstream acceptance of this asset class.

Ripple Secures a Huge Legal Win

In a second incredibly bullish event, a major legal ruling came down late last week.

In early June, the SEC filed legal action against prominent crypto exchanges Binance and Coinbase, which signaled there might be huge headwinds facing the efforts to legitimize cryptos in the United States.

However, on Thursday, Ripple scored a key victory in the courtroom when a judge ruled that XRP token purchases were not considered securities transactions. The SEC had contended that Ripple, who issues the XRP token was in violation of federal securities laws, and this ruling now puts into question the strength of their cases against the larger exchanges they had in their crosshairs.

Predictably upon the good news for the crypto industry, prices surged, and the likelihood increased for a peaceful resolution that benefits all parties and helps to drive acceptance and adoption forward in the United States.

With the hope that more clarity and consumer safeguards can be established in the months ahead, this could be a watershed moment for the future of digital assets in the American economy.

Inflation Shows Signs of Considerable Cooling

Finally, the third positive recent event for the crypto industry came in the form of encouraging news from the Fed that shows the annual rate of U.S. inflation from June 2022 to June 2023 has dropped to 3%.

While worldwide inflation is still ranging, this is a sign that the efforts by the United States to tame it are bearing fruit, which is important for consumer confidence. With the hope that interest rate hikes may soon be ending, this could portend the end of the crypto bear market and the start of the bulls running once more!

How to Build a Killer Crypto Portfolio

With so much good news to bolster consumer sentiment, it is clear that we are moving out of the prolonged down period for crypto and into a stage where investors can once again confidently engage in trading.

Personally, I believe in a diversified basket of assets that mixes the best crypto projects across a variety of sectors. As we gear up for the next Bull Run in 2024/25, these are the three key crypto trends and projects I am focusing on to make sure I have a well-rounded portfolio.

RWA Tokenization Projects

  • Realio Network (RIO)
  • Blocksquare (BST)
  • Landshare (LAND)
  • Theopetra (THEO)

GameFi Projects

  • Ultra (UOS)
  • Nakamoto Games (NAKA)
  • Wasder (WAS)
  • ImmutableX (IMX)

Utility Projects

  • Render (RNDR)
  • TriasLab (TRIAS)
  • Morpheus Network (MNW)
  • Quant (QNT)
  • Constellation (DAG)
  • AirTor Protocol (ATOR)
  • Greenheart (CBD)
  • BitTensor (TAO)
  • Alkimi (ADS)

(As a note, I am invested in most of the projects listed above. However, I strongly encourage you to do your own due diligence before investing in anything, and to never invest money that you can not afford to lose. As with anything, there are no guarantees in life and by now it should be clear that all crypto speculation involves a degree of risk.)

The Crypto Stars Are Finally Aligning Once More

At this point, the writing is on the wall. Crypto is going to win and will soon play an important part of how future business is done globally. There are just too many powerful forces behind it for it to not succeed. It is inevitable.

Those who take the time to research and identify the most promising projects, and invest early, stand to enjoy enormous returns in the next few years.

Never forget, fortune favors the bold!