The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

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Anyone who knows me or follows me on Medium realizes that I am a huge proponent of crypto as a hedge against the fall of the dollar.

These are the x100 coins you need in your portfolio ASAP!

Is the bull market starting again or is this just a small pump? No one can say definitively, but I personally believe there is more pain ahead before the true bull market arrives. In any case, it has been nice to see signs of life and green bars again! No matter what happens in the market though, the goal remains the same. Find projects with both tiny marketcaps and real utility that can offer the x100 returns we all want to see.

The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

I’ve already made clear my biggest conviction plays are those that lie within The Constellation Network. I believe that it will be the future powerhouse of the blockchain space, and a number of promising projects such as $ADS, $LTX, and $BIOFI are the shining stars that burn the brightest in that ecosystem.

However, that is not to say all of my portfolio is tied up in $DAG. There are a host of low-cap gems that are starting to show real promise and could also deliver killer gains in the months to come. These are the other main holdings I am adding to currently in my portfolio:


The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

Current price: $3.66

Marketcap: $29 Million

Route is an up and coming crosschain liquidity aggregator that is striving to serve as an infrastructure bridge between a variety of layer 1 and 2 protocols. The result, when realized, will allow users to seamlessly swap different types of assets across networks. While ambitious indeed, the team behind the project is solid and is continuing to build this out. The price has nearly tripled over the last month and still the project has a marketcap under $30 million. The bet here is they can realize their vision and offer a major utility function to all blockchain users. With new partnerships seemingly being announced on a daily basis, there is lots to be excited about with this one.


The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

Current price: .55 cents

Marketcap: $26 Million

How would you like a project looking to disrupt a 16 Trillion Dollar industry? That’s exactly what The Morpheus Network is doing as they are building a robust platform to optimize supply chains. Given the real-world problems being exhibited with global supply chains, they are tackling a timely and substantial issue. With powerhouse companies like SAP, Coca Cola, AT&T & Telefonica already onboard as partners, the sky is truly the limit with this project.

The key driver I see coming with price action will be the launch of Masternodes that allow token holders to cash in on an insane APY% that is based on profits from real world partners utilizing the network. A Masternode can be created with just 1800 MWV tokens. For more info on getting started, register here:

The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run


The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

Current price: $1.32

Marketcap: $6.5 Million

Trias is a coin I have been following throughout the year and admittedly has been underwhelming so far. Still though, I believe there is too much potential here to simply give up on. As a reminder, Trias offers a multi-platform cloud computing infrastructure with the ability to support public blockchain projects like Ethereum. In essence, it doesn’t stand as a challenger to established crypto projects but instead offers important upgrades to current technologies. One of the biggest reasons I hold confidence in this token is that the key people behind the project hold a combined 80+ tech patents and the company is backed by the prestigious Neo Global Capital group. With a current market cap of under $7 million and an insanely low maximum supply of 10 million tokens, the long term potential for this coin remains salivating. I will continue to stack this one as it feels like only a matter of time before it goes boom.


The Four Dirt Cheap Crypto Gems To Accumulate Before the Next Bull Run

Current price: .027 cents

Marketcap: $4.1 Million

Greenheart is another project we have discussed before and is also a part of The Constellation Network, but I feel it bears repeating though because this is such a fantastic mix of both tokenomics and utility. Also, it still has a microscopic marketcap of nearly four million dollars which means that even when it does a x100, it will still have a total value under half a billion dollars. I simply don’t see how this project can possibly fail. This is another great example of blockchain technology disrupting a real world industry and providing a value to both hemp farmers and smart investors who choose to back the platform.

Fortunes are Born In Bear Markets

Let’s face it, the bright side of a bear market is that the prices on everything are down. That means, smart investors are getting incredible discounts on game-changing projects. While there still may be life in some of the old favorites like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other top 10 tokens, these are already established multi-billion dollar projects that are not going to be able to multiply their value by 100 times.

However, all of the coins discussed above hold marketcaps under $30 million which means they can easily skyrocket once market conditions improve. Savvy investors realize this and know the time to accumulate is now. Small bags of any, or all, of these tokens stand to offer immense returns. While none of this should be construed as financial advice, I myself am invested in each and expect to be very happy with my altcoin portfolio in 2023.

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