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Valuable Long Term Food Storage Tips For Your Survival Pantry

We live in a world where a disaster can hit without warning. It’s better to be prepared than wait until a crisis happens then start regretting how you could have done things differently. More and more Americans are becoming cautious about unexpected scenarios. As a step of ensuring their food security, they build pantries. Stocking […]

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How to Build an Emergency Shelter in The Woods

Picture this: you’re out for what was supposed to be a day hike with your buddies. As night falls, you realize you’re not going to make it back to camp. Finding your way is not an option. What do you do? Having to spend a night in the wilderness may force you to build a […]

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Foods to Stock for Emergency

Our modern lifestyle has led us away from backyard gardens. It’s almost impossible to feed your family from farmhouse staples. But thanks to grocery stores, you don’t have to worry about keeping food on the table. However, emergencies often come with little or no warning: earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. These situations could leave your […]

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Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Review

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Review Every outdoorsman knows that one of the most crucial needs for survival is food. The problem is, it’s challenging to find nutrition and sustenance in the wild, especially during disaster and emergency situations when resources are more dire. That’s where emergency food storages can get in handy. Today, […]

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How To Freeze Dry Food For Long Term Storage

There are several reasons to preserve and store food. Maybe you’re concerned about preparing yourself for a small disruption in the food supply due to an emergency or a disaster; maybe you’re a serious prepper and keeping some seasonal food all year round seems like an attractive proposition for the survivalist in you, or maybe […]

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How To Make Tasty Survival Foods At Home

The average American has less than 3 days’ worth of food at home. This means that should supply lines be disrupted for whatever reason, we’re just 3 days away from a national catastrophe. This is not great news. It’s no brainer that cooking for yourself has health, financial and survival advantages. Just because your pantry […]

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