FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

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Is this truly the death of crypto?

Growing up as a big comic fan, there was always one thing you could count on; characters returning for the dead. Now, as much as I love comics, they have nothing on the cryptocurrency industry which has been prematurely written off too many times to count over the last decade. Now, with another bad actor (FTX) in the headlines for financial wrongdoings, once more the haters are calling for the “End of Crypto”!

It is my belief, the next major narrative in cryptos will be the focus on real world utility. Not speculative assets. Not worthless meme coins. Not overhyped NFT projects. I’m talking about projects that offer substantial value relative to the price and a true step forward technologically.

Here are some of the best ones to keep an eye on!

Morpheus Network

FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

Tracker: MNW

Current price: $1.40

To recap, the Morpheus Network is seeking to disrupt the 16 Trillion Dollar supply chain industry. They are already partnered with powerhouse companies like SAP, Coca Cola, AT&T & Telefonica and now rumors have been linking them to the second largest company in the world Aramco! With such well known brands signed up to utilize their services, you know that there is something special brewing here.

Long-time followers know that Morpheus is one of my favorite projects. Since I first made this call in August, this project has seen a x4 rise in value. That tells me the secret is out. This is going to be a game-changer for the blockchain industry by providing a robust middleware platform that offers substantial utility.

With masternodes, paying a reported 18% APY, launching in December, there should be a lot of winds in the sails for $MNW to start 2023 on the right track.


FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

Tracker: QNT

Current price: $108

Quant is the native token of the Overledger Network. The technology serves as the model example of crypto utility by empowering banks, financial institutions and other large enterprise companies to seamlessly connect with technology partners. In effect, they offer the ultimate solution for interoperability between DLTs (distributed ledger technologies).

Want proof of real world adoption? Quant is already partnered with over 500 banks and trading institutions, and just today announced a new alliance with UST, one of the world’s leading digital transformation solution companies.

Unlike some of the other projects in my portfolio, Quant has a higher marketcap sitting just over $1.5 billion. However, some experts foresee the potential for it to rise up to $60 billion during the next bull run. Given how their technology is continuing to be integrated by key financial players, this doesn’t seem like a farfetched prediction.

Constellation Network

FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

Tracker: DAG

Current price: .045 cents

For those who are not familiar with it, the Constellation Network is an infinitely scalable and secure blockchain system that provides cybersecurity for big data. Constellation uses a directed acyclic graph (DAG) architecture and is the only true Layer 0 technology that interacts with all types of data. As such, it has important use cases including those that work in conjunction with machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. In simpler terms, Constellation is offering something that has never been attempted before in the blockchain space and will offer immense real-world technological value. As data is considered to be the new oil, any project that can gain a significant portion of this rapidly emerging space is going to be one to have in your portfolio.

One of their long-talked about partners is none other than the United States Department of Defense. Until recently the nature of this partnership had not been clear, however in a new press release the DoD announced the roadmap for their Zero Trust approach to data security measures and it appears that Constellation will be central to these efforts. If the US military leadership has signed off on this technology, why wouldn’t you?


FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

Tracker: CBD

Current price: .012 cents

Greenheart is offering a different type of utility, but an important one nonetheless. They have produced a first-class physical product that is being augmented by the digital muscle of crypto to build something truly unique.

As previously discussed, Greenheart is paving the way for real world utility with a defi platform that allows farmers to secure loans for farming hemp for use in increased CBD production. Hemp has an incredible range of useful applications (more than 50,000!) and is also incredibly beneficial for renewing soil quality. Quite simply, we need to be producing more of this, and as more farmers are brought into the platform they will gain the ability to sell their wares to a larger market.

With a microscopic marketcap of less than two million dollars, a limited token supply, and generous staking rewards, this project is pretty much a no brainer to consider.

Utility Will Win in the End

FTX Won’t Be the Death of Crypto – The Phoenix Will Rise From the Ashes Again

Look, given overall market conditions and sentiment, the near-term outlook for the crypto industry remains painful. 2022 has seen too many painful examples of crash and burns with the Luna implosion, the FTX fiasco, and more. However, I firmly believe that in the end the technology and use cases are going to continue to become more compelling and force real world adoption. With that, smart investors who position themselves well right now will be the ones that benefit the most. Fortunes were made in the last previous crypto bull run and it is a certainty even more substantial rewards await for those who get ahead of the next bull run. Place your bets accordingly!

What utility projects do you see making an impact in 2023 and beyond?

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