Why GameFi Crypto Will Be the Sector That Brings the Masses to the Blockchain

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These Are The 4 Most Promising Gaming Projects To Load Up on Now!

When it comes to crypto, there are a number of different sectors that have gained prominence in the past years including payment options, decentralized finance, NFTs, meme coins, Real World Asset tokenization, and more. However, I have a strong belief that GameFi has a massive future ahead and could well be the sector that ultimately brings the most consumer adoption.

Worldwide, gaming is huge! I mean, think about it from an entertainment perspective. The music industry did a brisk $10.3 Billion worldwide in 2022, while the Film industry clocked in at an impressive $94.5 Billion. Amazingly though, the gaming industry smashed them both last year with an astounding $220.7 Billion in business. That’s why I think GameFi, if done right, has the potential to bring crypto to the masses in the year to come.

What is GameFi Crypto?

Why GameFi Crypto Will Be the Sector That Brings the Masses to the Blockchain

GameFi is a new narrative emerging in the cryptocurrency space that combines the fast-growing gaming industry with the disruptive power of blockchain technology to create a new kind of play experience that is more fair, transparent, and rewarding for players.

GameFi revolves around the idea of creating a gaming economy that is powered by cryptocurrency, where players can earn rewards such as non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency, and other digital assets. These rewards can then be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used within the gaming ecosystem. So in effect, you can play to earn valuable assets.

So what are the best projects to investigate for future returns? These are the ones I currently hold in my portfolio.


Current MC: $69 Million

Coin Price: .26 Cents

Buy on: KuCoin

Ultra is one of the most hyped GameFi projects and seems to have the goods to deliver on the promise to be the next Steam. As the project that purports to be nothing less than “The Future of Gaming”, there is certainly a lot to live up to.

The recent launch in April unveiled 70 new games, which is proof of the development team’s success in delivering the type of next gen gaming experiences the blockchain has been waiting for. All it will take is one of their titles to be a AAA success and Ultra will skyrocket. Ultra already boasts key partnerships with AMD and Ubisoft. This is definitely a gaming project that you should be researching immediately.

Why GameFi Crypto Will Be the Sector That Brings the Masses to the Blockchain


Current MC: $7 Million

Coin Price: .018 Cents

Buy on: MEXC Global

Wasder is one of my low-cap crypto gems with a tiny marketcap of only $7 million dollars. The project offers an innovative Web3 gaming marketplace where you can sample hot new game offerings, participate in livestreams, meet new friends, and more.

Wasder also boasts over 500k monthly users, and is led by Thomas Gronnevik, who has been recognized as one of the most promising tech CEOs in Sweden. With a promising roadmap for the rest of 2023, this one looks set to fly.

Why GameFi Crypto Will Be the Sector That Brings the Masses to the Blockchain


Current MC: $4 Million

Coin Price: .0016 Cents

Buy on: TxBit

Like Wasder, Neoxa has a microscopic marketcap, and a lot of upside. The Neoxa gaming network is designed to reward players through a unique Proof of Game mechanism. They are banking on the fact that players on their network can make it a lucrative pastime, indeed.

While it remains to be seen if they can deliver the compelling gaming experiences that users are looking for, one thing I really like about this project is that it will offer holders of the token the ability to earn rewards by running a master node. You know I love passive income and the early details on this one look to be lucrative.


Current MC: $803 Million

Coin Price: $2.21

Buy on: KuCoin

Render is a bit of an outlier in this group, as it is not a gaming token per se. Instead it is a project that works hand in hand with the gaming industry by providing a decentralized GPU rendering solution. As games become ever more realistic and increasingly need more advanced rendering power, this token might be the lynchpin of not only crypto gaming, but the Metaverse as well. Already, Render is rumored to be a key partner in the upcoming mixed reality project that Apple is set to unveil.

Render has the largest market cap of any of the projects listed here, but with what it can offer, this could eventually be a multi-billion dollar valuation. It could be a true “picks and shovel” type of play that augments the gaming industry in an invaluable way. That is a bet I’m willing to make.

The Future of Crypto Gaming Looks Bright

The crypto bear market is starting to thaw, and as 2023 comes to a close, the next bull market should be gearing up for a massive 2024. The choices you make now in building your crypto portfolio will pay massive dividends over the next few years, if you make the right picks.

As always, please do your own due diligence on these or any other projects. They are certainly not the only promising gaming plays in crypto, but they are the ones I have the highest confidence in at the moment.

Which GameFi crypto projects are you most excited about?

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