The 5 Best Altcoins With a Market Cap Under $10 Million

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High Value Projects + Low Prices = 100x Potential For the 2023 Bull Run Out with the Old, In with the Altcoins!

The last crypto bull run was epic. Heavyweight projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum both performed like champs and reached all-time highs, as was the expectation. However, there were also numerous projects that came out of nowhere and spectacularly vaulted into Top 10 positions like Cardano, Terra Luna, Polygon, and Polkadot. And let’s not forget to mention the meme coin projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu which rode the hype train to massive gains for early investors. Oh, the good old days of Crypto!

However, technology moves forward and most of the top coins are not likely to ever reach the same heights in the next bull run, because there are a host of promising new projects ready to topple the old guard. Some may continue to do well, but none are likely to deliver the 100x gains we all dream about, as they already have huge market caps. That’s why we need to find projects still in their infancy that have that potential to skyrocket when the market starts to roll again.

So without delay, let’s dive into what I consider the…

100X Club

My mantra for this year has been to focus on projects with real utility and the chance for huge multiples on returns. That’s why I’m high on these five promising tokens. Because all of my picks are under $10 million in market cap, a 100x return on each would still place every project under one billion in total market cap. Currently over 40 crypto projects hold a market cap over a Billion Dollars so that is not setting the bar too high for my Fab 5.

Without further ado, I present:


Current MC: $2.6 Million

Coin Price: $1.64

Buy on: Kucoin/PancakeSwap

Project Description: The name stands for “Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems” and that is what they are striving to build. The development team holds a combined 80+ tech patents and the company is backed by the prestigious Neo Global Capital Group. They are also involved in collaboration with the Japanese government to deliver a trial version of the digital Yen. Clearly big things are in store for Trias.

More Info:


Current MC: $3.6 Million

Coin Price: .23 Cents

Buy on: SushiSwap

Project Description: Masq is developing a decentralized Web3 internet browser that also doubles as an earning ecosystem for users. This takes the idea that the Brave Browser tried to build to a completely new level. Sign me up for this one.

More Info:


Current MC: $7.6 Million

Coin Price: .069 Cents

Buy on: MEXC

Project Description: The team at Chainge Finance purports to have built the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX ever. This will allow users to operate chain-agnostic assets in a 100% secure environment. With the problems we have all seen with centralized exchanges this year, the future clearly lies with decentralized platforms. Therefore, this could be the big winner of the next bull run.

More Info:


Current MC: $2.4 Million

Coin Price: .023 Cents

Buy on: Uniswap

Project Description: Realio is developing a platform to eliminate the usual barriers to invest-in, trade, and leverage exclusive real estate, private equity, and other real-world assets through DeFi. With the mainnet launch on the immediate horizon, momentum should start to build for this in early 2023.

More Info:


Current MC: $1.5 Million

Coin Price: .01 Cents

Buy on: PancakeSwap

Project Description: Greenheart offers a DeFi platform that allows farmers to secure loans for increased CBD production via hemp. Hemp has been described by some as “Green Oil” with so many valuable use cases, and the sky is truly the limit with this project that will mint millionaires in the years to come.

More Info:

Onward and Upward Into 2023!

2022 has been rough for the crypto industry. That is putting it mildly. However, it’s all a natural part of the Bear-Bull Cycle and the pendulum will eventually swing back. Bad actors have been shaken out, inflation is slowing easing down which means we should not see the continued aggressive interest rate hikes, and major corporations and financial institutions continue to show support for the growing crypto industry. For those reasons, 2023 is likely to bring better fortunes for diamond-handed investors. Choose the right coins to back now and you will be in a fantastic position to reap the inevitable benefits. Here’s to a profitable and successful year for us all!

What projects with low market caps are you betting big on? Please share and comment so we can all learn about other hidden gems!

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