How to Build an EDC Tool Kit – All You Should Know

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If you are unsure what an EDC tool kit is or want to learn how to build one properly, we are here to help! This informative guide will explain how you can build your own EDC kit personalized to your needs and preferences.

With the right EDC tool kit, you will be prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Whether it is something as insignificant as opening a round of beer bottles for friends or as serious as responding to an unexpected natural disaster, a well-made EDC kit can help you navigate the situation.

What Is an EDC Tool Kit & Why Should I Have One?

How to Build an EDC Tool Kit – All You Should Know

An EDC tool kit, or Everyday Carry tool kit, is a collection of useful and practical tools carried by a person every day. Just like your phone, wallet, and keys, an EDC tool kit can become one of those things you do not leave home without.

Ideally, your EDC tool kit will feature an assortment of tools and accessories that fit the needs of your unique lifestyle. While there are certain items almost any EDC tool kit will contain, you have some flexibility when building your own.

Typically, EDC tool kits are compact and can be carried on you, but it is also possible to build a larger kit and keep it in your vehicle or backpack. Still, weight and space are concerns, as you do not want your EDC tool kit to be cumbersome and challenging to bring with you.

Why Should You Build an EDC Tool Kit?

Building and carrying an EDC tool kit is about being prepared for anything. Whether it is just tame situations made more accessible by having the essential tools on hand or life-and-death situations, your EDC tool kit is there to help you. Even when it is not in use, it can offer valuable peace of mind that you will be prepared to handle any task.

How to Build an EDC Tool Kit – Items to Include

1. A High-Quality EDC Knife

A high-quality and dependable knife should be one of the first things you purchase for your everyday carry tool kit. This is because a compact, folding pocket knife can be one of the most versatile items you carry. You can use it for simple applications, like as a bottle opener or wire cutter, to more serious ones, like cutting away a seatbelt following a severe car accident or as a life-saving tool in a self-defense situation. 

A trusty pocket knife is so useful that most people in the EDC community carry one on them at all times and pack a separate blade in their EDC tool kit. Read our How to Survive in the Wilderness with Just a Knife Guide for examples of just how useful a high-quality knife can be.

If you need help choosing the right EDC knife for your kit, we recommend reading ourBest Survival Knives for 2022 Guide.

2. A Versatile Multi-Tool

How to Build an EDC Tool Kit – All You Should Know

Another critical item in any EDC tool kit is a versatile and reliable multi-tool. By its very nature, the multi-tool embodies the core principles of the EDC movement. They offer versatility, portability, and functionality.

A multi-tool can be useful for everything from quick adjustments and tasks that require a bit of simple tinkering, to highly complex and vital tasks, like building a shelter in a survival situation.

The best multi-tools feature items you will need daily, like pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, small blades, bottle and can openers, and much more. If space is at a premium, your EDC tool kit is not complete without a solid multi-tool!

If you are in the market for a new multi-tool, we recommend browsing our guide to the Best Multi-Tools for 2022. It highlights some of the best options out there and even explains what features make for a great multi-tool.

3. A Well-Made Lighter

How to Build an EDC Tool Kit – All You Should Know

You might think you would only carry a lighter if you smoke, but the truth is, there are countless situations where the ability to light a fire quickly could be of vital importance. Whether you need to start a campfire for survival purposes or just light candles during a power outage, a lighter can be of incredible importance, so one should be in your EDC tool kit.

4. A Reliable Flashlight

You shouldn’t just depend on your smartphone’s flashlight feature, as this can drain the battery extremely fast. A reliable flashlight can be a close and long-lasting light source in any emergency situation. You can also use your flashlight to work in tight and dark corners. 

The best flashlights for EDC tool kits are made from durable metal and feature clips and critical chain attachments, so they can be carried hands-free.

5. A Pen and Pad of Paper

While it may seem somewhat old-fashioned in the age of smartphones, a trusty pen and pad of paper can be handy. If your smartphone is dead or you need to conserve battery power, you can make notes, jot down plans, and record measurements. 

In a survival situation, the paper can act as a reliable firestarter, especially if it has been raining and the surrounding brush is damp.

6. A Compact and Sturdy Organizer Bag

Finally, you will need something to hold all of the items in your EDC tool kit. Ideally, you will be able to find something compact enough to attach to a belt or even fit in a large coat pocket. Keeping all your essential tools in one place will ensure that you can easily reach them in an emergency.

Look for a bag or satchel with multiple storage slots for each item and additional items you feel you would get regular use out of. Some of the better EDC organizer bags will also feature removable paracord, which you can use in emergency situations where you need sturdy and reliable rope.

What Else Can You Put in Your EDC Tool Kit?

The best thing about building your own EDC tool kit, rather than purchasing a ready-made one, is that you can customize it to your specific needs. If, for example, you spend a significant amount of time in the wilderness, you may want to add additional survival tools to your EDC tool kit, such as a compass, water purification tablets, and even a few basic medical supplies or first aid kit.

You can also pack items like a portable charger and spare cash if you spend more of your time in an urban environment and rural wilderness survival tools are less relevant to your lifestyle. 

Don’t be afraid to add new items to your EDC tool kit as you become more comfortable carrying one. After all, it should fit your lifestyle rather than anything you find on someone else’s checklist.

For more information about EDC tool kits, and the best EDC gear, we recommend looking at, as their online community can be an outstanding resource. 

The Manual also has a practical introductory guide to the world of EDC, which can be a valuable resource for those just getting started – A Beginner’s Guide to Everyday Carry.