Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit Review

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Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit Review

Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit Review

  • 15 total servings with approximately 2,100 calories per day
  • 30 Year Taste Guarantee
  • Allergens: Egg, milk, Wheat, Soy
  • Dimensions: 12″ (L) x 8″ (D) x 6″ (H)
  • Great for emergency preparation, camping trips, and RV expeditions

You never know when an emergency will hit, and that’s why you can always trust the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit as your back up.

Campers and preppers will find this food supply kit convenient because it removes the need to cook meals and deal with dirty utensils afterwards.

As much as the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit seems like the best solution for campers and those on the move, you can always have this kit in your house for emergency situations. When you don’t feel like cooking or eating out, the food supply kit will come in handy.

Because the food stays fresh for long, you will not have to worry about it going bad.

Who is this Product For?

The Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is great for camping trips, RV expeditions and emergency preparation (natural disasters, power outages).

People who spend much time in isolated places (researching or hunting) will find this kit useful. That’s because for such people, accessing restaurants or getting ample time to prepare a meal is not easy. Having to deal with dirty utensils can also be exhausting, especially if you have important things to handle.

However, everyone is free to buy the kit since it is both nutritious, long-lasting, and easy to make. Everybody needs food because it fuels the body; the only difference is what you eat and how you eat it.

What’s Included?

The Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit consists of 6 pouches each packed separately with a total serving of 15. The kit provides over 4,300 total calories. This is enough food to get one person going for two days or at least a day for 2 people.

The three meals include;

Breakfast Skillet (2 pouches) — scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, onions, pork sausage patty crumbles and bell peppers to start your day. Each bag yields two 1-cup servings.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (2 pouches) — The ultimate comfort food. Every bag will give you three 1-cup servings.

Rice & Chicken (2 pouches) — rice, pimientos and chicken blend together in a flavorful sauce. Each bag yields three 1-cup servings.

Overview of Features

If there is a feature that stands out about the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is the fact that it can go for years without going bad. Imagine buying  food that will expire in in 2050!

You don’t need to have extensive cooking skills for you to enjoy your meal because, with this kit, all you have to do is boil two cups of water and pour it inside either of the bags.

Plates are not a must either! The Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is packaged in such a way that the pouches can keep your meal hot for long.

The process of preparing food in a bowl and serving it on a plate before eating may not work best for someone who has a tight deadline to beat or a big hunt to track. The Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit packaging acts as the plate and cooking pot at the same time. If you have any food leftover, the packaging still acts as storage since you can zip it closed.

Note that when preparing, you mix the dehydrated food with warm water, and it is supposed to last a couple of minutes before the meal can be ready. The heat-retaining feature of the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit makes it ideal for camping in the cold.

It is easy to store and carry the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit, and even when traveling through the woods, you will not feel the weight.

The best part about this kit is that the meals taste fresh, and you can hardly tell whether it is food that has been packaged for months or years. For you to enjoy the original sweet taste, you must prepare the meal following the provided instructions. Failing to do so may make you experience tummy upsets.

How to Use

The Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is easy to use. You just need under a gallon or 11 cups of water to rehydrate the whole package.

Simply boil 2 cups of water, tear open the package and pour in hot water. You will then stir it a couple of times then zip it to settle for a few minutes. Unzip, stir again, then give it a few minutes before eating. You must stir up all the corners properly to ensure that all the content gets hydrated or cooked.

You can confirm this process from the instructions written on the packages.

Consider combining with a 5-Day Meal Kit to tailor your plans for a 1 week emergency food supply!

What We Like

  • Long shelf life – 30 years
  • Compact, lightweight and stackable
  • Every kit has different meal assortments
  • Efficient packaging for easy use
  • No cooking required
  • Nutritious to meet your daily caloric demands

What We Don’t Like

  • Has allergens: eggs, milk, wheat, and soy
  • Can only last you for 2 days


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Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit Review

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The MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) Box B, Genuine U.S. Military Surplus is the closest alternative to the Mountain House 2-Day Emergency Food Supply kit. That is because it is easy to prepare, although it has a shorter shelf life (7 years). Every case gives 12 meals (1250 calories per meal) plus it comes with a water-activated flameless heater. It is also nutritious and should be capable of taking you through 3 days or more.


It is safe to say that the Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply Kit is an essential item for any camper or hunter. However, it is good to understand that this does not limit when or who should buy the kit. In times of emergencies or natural calamities like hurricanes or tsunamis, emergency food supply kits can be the difference between life and death.

When shopping around for emergency food supply kits, you will want to ensure that you get the best quality in terms of longevity and taste. You should also ensure that you don’t buy one that has components that you are allergic to.