Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit Review

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An emergency can happen anytime, anywhere! No matter how cautious you are, there is a chance that unexpected situations will occur. Thus, the best thing that you can do is always be prepared. Have the essential stuff and tools handy for easy access when the need arises. This 23-in-1 Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is a must-have to get you through your emergency needs.

Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit

Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit Review

  • Professional Camping Kits – Get what your need in camping and other emergencies. This kit Includes:personal water filter straw, tungsten pen, multi-function Tools, 5 in 1 Spoon, army card, first aid tourniquet, fire starter, wire saw, emergency blanket, flashlight, glow stick, band-aids, whistle and fishing Card. All items can put in the upgrade hard case.
  • Water Filter Straw – The micro-filtration membrane can removes 99.9999% of harmful substance. Min-est 0.01 micron smallest solid particles found in the environment. The water filter can filter 396 gallons clean and safe water, it will helpful to reduce plastic water bottle using. A good partner for camping hiking hunting backpack and other disaster water supply.
  • Portable and Lightweight – The size of this camping kit case is 10.8″*4.8″*2.6″ ( 27.5*11.8*6.8cm), and weight only 1.28 pounds. So you can easy to put it in a backpack and car storage bags.
  • A Thoughtful Outdoor Kit – The water filter straw provide clean water; The multi function Tools can quickly cutting branches; A tungsten steel pen is prepared for breaking glass in an emergency, can also be used for normal writing; Emergency blankets can retain 90% of body heat;120 db whistle of volume help other person to find you;and all of other emergency equipment in this bag can provide necessary assist under emergence.
  • A Perfect Gift – All items packaged by a good quality box. It is a good gift for men boyfriends dad husband on special days, such as: valentines day, fathers day, Christmas, new year and birthday. A ideal gift for Dad Men Father Boyfriend.

The Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is created to keep you safe and protected even in your wildest adventure. This is not only for emergency needs, but also for extreme activities, such as mountain climbing, trail running, and overnight camping. Each of the tools found in this kit is carefully well-thought to fit in your needs.


Professionally Made

This multi-functional kit is made to handle various emergency situations. It is equipped with 23 different gears to fit your needs perfectly.

  • Water Filter Straw – This personal straw safeguards survival by providing clean water wherever you go. It comes with a syringe, hose, and carabiner for better support and use.
  • 5-in-1 Multi-Flatware – This combo acts as a spoon, fork, knife, bottle opener, and can opener. Its serrated, sharp edges can even cut food items without causing any injury in the mouth while eating.
  • Fire Starter – This tool can ignite fire no matter what the weather condition due to its high capacity and solid construction.
  • 11-in-1 Knife Card – This functional card comes with a screwdriver, can and cap opener, ruler, knife-edge, ancillary direction indicator, wrench, saw blade, and key ring hole.
  • Survival Knife – A highly functional knife that is safe to use for any applications.
  • Tungsten Steel Pen – Other than normal writing, this can also be used for breaking glass in case of emergency.
  • Compass – This military-grade compass has a 360-degree rotating bezel and whistle for better orientation and easy navigation.
  • Flashlight – The battery-operated flashlight has an adjustable light range and functions using three modes, including common light mode, stretch mode, and SOS mode.
  • Whistle – This 120db whistle comes with two holes to produce louder sounds.
  • Wire Saw – It is best used for cutting wood, rubber, plastic, bone, and soft metal.
  • Emergency Blanket – The blanket provides easy and convenient protection against extreme weather conditions.
  • First Aid Tourniquet – This is the to-go tool for emergency bleeding. It comes with an adjustable buckle and elastic band for easy tightening or loosening.
  • Band-Aid – This is a simple and quick remedy for minor wounds.
  • Key Light – This gives convenience when opening doors in the dark.
  • Drawstring Bag – This functional and portable bag can easily keep other tools in the kit.

Portable and Lightweight

This lightweight kit allows easy carrying in a durable, compact, and foldable bag. It is best used for camping, hiking, hunting, traveling, and other survival activities. Altogether, these gears can perfectly fit in the car.


  • 23-in-1 high-quality and multi-functional kit
  • Complete tools for emergencies
  • Easy to carry during an adventure or when traveling
  • Compact size for easier storage
  • Good value for money


  • No dedicated compartment for each tool’s organization


Emergencies occur when you least expect them to happen. Thus, this Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is the best companion for every adventure and travels that you make.

The kit is equipped with high-quality and durable tools that can help you with various activities. It comes with 23 highly efficient tools to help you survive and protect yourself at all times. The light and compact structure of the kit even allows you to store it in the smallest space of your home or vehicle.

Overall, the Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is a good investment for people who are always on the go!

Comparing with Another Product

The Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is highly comparable to Apsung Emergency Survival Kit due to their functionality during emergency situations and other energy-requiring activities.

While the Supology kit comes with 23 amazing tools, the Apsung kit has 15 basic tools and supplies for your emergency and survival needs. It contains a multi-tool, multi-functional scraper, Swiss chard, tactical pen, fire starter, wire saw, flashlight, whistle, survival bracelet, water bottle clip, min keychain light, S-shaped carabiner, and a survival blanket.

Included in the multi-tool are knife blade, wire cutters, pliers, can opener, bottle opener, metal file, cable cutters, hook remover, fish scaler, and different kinds of a screwdriver.

In terms of the storage, the Supology kit is kept in a compact and foldable sling bag while the Apsung kit comes in an easy to carry, portable, waterproof, and shockproof case.  This allows easy organization of the tools and supplies included in the kit.

Lastly, with all the inclusions in the kit, the price of these two emergency survival gear kits is highly comparable to each other.


Both the Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit and the Apsung Emergency Survival Kit offers a good number of tools and supplies that are necessary for emergencies and extreme activities. These kits are guaranteed to do the job when the need arises.

However, considering the package inclusions, those belonging to the Supology Kit tends to be unique and versatile. Each of the tools can personally help and satisfy the needs of its users, especially the water filter, which can supply clean water–a basic necessity for survival.

The only downfall of the Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is its storage system, a compact drawstring bag. Yes, this type of bag is portable enough to carry all your tools and supplies, but its organization inside the bag is a bit questionable. The lack of organizers or holders for each tool can lead to juggling and probably damage to some tools.

Overall, with the good price and valuable tools included, the Supology Emergency Survival Gear Kit is a must-have for every responder or traveler. Just find a way to organize and familiarize yourself on the stuff on the emergency bag!