Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

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Choosing the best out of a bevy of military survival gear is a daunting task. You need to put yourself in a situation where you only can get five of the most essential tools in an emergency.

A foolproof plan is to narrow it down to the basic human survival needs. Don’t go for fancy but embrace practical.

We shall be looking at the basic needs and recommending the best gear for it in the present market from our experts’ perspective.

Survival Tools

These are important because they replace all the equipment you are accustomed to at home and at the same time help you deal with the unfamiliar environment you will be thrust into.

The more versatile they are, the more useful they will be. Their roles spread from security, shelter, provision of food, and everything else you will be up to.

1. The Sahara Sailor Multifunctional Survival Shovel Tool

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

This versatile shovel is a combination of 23 tools. It comprises a hook disgorger, a hacksaw, a whistle, a fire starter, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, wire cutter, and saw. Its shovel head can also be twisted to be used as different tools, a hammer, a shovel, a hoe, and a hook.

It is aesthetically appealing yet tough and durable as it is made of a combination of highly carbonated military-grade stainless steel and aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubes.

It is also lightweight and foldable into a compact size that fits into its durable storage carry bag. The camo-style storage bag blends into your backpack conveniently and can be fixed on the molle webbing for easy access.

The tool takes care of your self-defense needs with its numerous blades and sharp edges. You also can start a fire, open bottles, break windows, tighten and loosen screws, among other activities. It is the perfect and must-have military survival gear tool you want to have in your arsenal.

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK)

These are trauma kits in which you carry lifesaving essentials that could help with wound dressing and treatment, controlling bleeding, and controlling pain.

The contents of such kits include combat gauze, chest seals, tourniquets, bandages, painkillers, and a host of medical supplies an individual may need out there.

2. LIVANS Tactical Molle EMT First Aid Pouch

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

  • TRI-FOLD DESIGN: EMT pouch use tri-fold design, internally has spacious compartments which include several pockets, strong elastic loops and instrument holders, a Velcro safety strap, and zippered mesh compartments for small first aid supplies.
  • TOUGH and DURABLE: Molle IFAK Pouch is made of High-quality 1000D nylon material, durable anti-scrape and wear-resistant. Sturdy double stitching gives this tactical medical pouch durability in any environment. Size: 4″*8″*8.3″
  • QUICK RELEASE BACK PANEL DESIGN: Tactical EMT pouch is designed to be rip-away from the modular platform when needed, and the strap on the platform keeps it from falling off accidentally. Wide handle for carrying or rapid removal.
  • MOLLE SYSTEM AND FLEXIBILITY: A buckle strap on the back allow you to attach in your car or truck. With MOLLE system design and straong metal snap, it’s suitable for all MOLLE compatible gear such as a tactical vest, backpack or gear belt.
  • FUNCTION FOR EVERYONE: Molle EMT Pouch can be useful at the shooting range or put together as part of a tactical load out, and can be used by military personnel, EMT, police, firemen. We offer 30-days money back of quality guarantee.

It has spacious compartments, including a zippered mesh compartment to hold the tiny first aid supplies that may easily get lost. The compartments have multiple pockets enhanced with strong elastic loops, instrument holders, and a Velcro fastener to hold items in place.

These all come together to form an elaborate organizational system for your medical equipment, making it easy to access what you need.

The camo material is 1000D nylon which is anti-scrape, waterproof and durable, ensuring your supplies are safe at all times. It is easily portable with a buckle strap and strong metal snaps that hook it onto any molle system, whether on a tactical vest, a backpack, or the car seat.


You may be out for extended periods of time in adverse weather conditions that are too harsh for the body to withstand. You need some form of protection from the elements to survive.

We considered shelter that is easily portable and versatile in its application to enable you to kill as many birds as possible with the same stone.

3. Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

  • MANY USES: Can be used as a ground tarp, shelter, tent or emergency blanket when camping, hunting, backpacking or boating. Keep one in the trunk of your car for the unexpected!
  • ALL WEATHER BLANKET: This unique blanket features a Mylar reflective side which can be used to reflect heat, create a radiant barrier, or signal for help. The other side is made of two layers of polypropylene, which creates a waterproof barrier and can be used as a blanket, tarp or shelter.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This blanket weighs 1.4 lbs and comes in its own carry bag. The blanket measures 60″ x 82″ (Approx. 5 ft x 7ft)
  • SUPER VERSATILE: Keep it close at hand and you’ll be surprised with all the used cases you find: survival, park, beach change, etc.
  • 4 REINFORCED TIE-DOWN GROMMETS: The grommets allow this survival blanket to be hung with ease or secured to reflect/deflect heat, and create a waterproof shelter. We test these grommets constantly and regularly make improvements.

This is an all-weather thermal blanket with a mylar reflective side and two layers of polypropylene on the opposite side. All its four corners have been reinforced on both sides for extra durability.

It is heavy-duty but lightweight, at less than a pound, making it easy to carry in your daypack or the trunk of your car every day. They even provide a carry bag with each thermal blanket for this purpose.

The mylar reflective side is used to retain body heat when the environment is freezing because it reflects the body’s heat emissions, so you can retain up to 90% of it.

When it is exceedingly hot, you use it the other way round with the mylar reflective side facing outward to reflect the excess heat away. It can also be used as a beacon to show a rescue party where you are through its shiny reflection.

The double polypropylene layers are what make this safety blanket heavy duty. It is tough and waterproof and can also be used as a tarp or shelter. The reinforced corners are fitted with grommets to facilitate tying down the tarp or shelter.


Any survivalist will appreciate the many applications of a paracord out there. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and therefore expendable, allowing you to maximize their utility.

They make a great fire starter as you can light them up and use them as a tinder to kindle the fire for other fuel sources.

They are used to build a shelter, acquire food, and suspend it while sleeping so that animals can’t access it. They can also be used as a bowstring to build a survival bow for hunting or self-defense and to set traps and fashion fishing lures. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

4. LeMotech Multi-Functional Adjustable Paracord Survival Bracelet

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

This paracord has been rigged, so you will always have it on you as a fashion accessory, a bracelet. You have at least ten feet of paracord at your disposal with can take a load of up to 250lb. The bracelet packs a host of other functional accessories.

It has a whistle to distract aggressors or alert the rescue team of your position, an LED light with three settings that can be used to send a Morse code, flash or general lighting, a thermometer, a compass for navigation, and a magnesium flint fire starter.

It also has tactical tools discretely built into it like a SIM card retriever, a T-shaped knife with a cover, a multi-tool comprising a bottle opener, a saw blade, a wrench, a scraper, and bike banners.

Portable Light Source

This is a critical component in every survival gear kit. You need to appreciate that you may be forced to operate off-grid in darkness or at night, and you need to observe your environment and find your way in it. The type of lighting you choose should be self-powered to allow you a range of movement.

5. LE LED Adjustable Tactical Flashlight

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

  • PORTABLE SMALL SIZE – Our LED flashlight is portable small size, Length: 4.2in, Diameter: 1.2; Weight 128g, fits well in your hand or pocket. Compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go.
  • SUPER BRIGHT & LONG-LASTING – Equipped by LED, the beam distance of flashlight is up to 492ft. Luminous flux is about 140 lumen in full brightness. Easily light up an entire room.
  • SKID-PROOF DESIGN & IPX4 WATER RESISTANT DESIGN – The IPX4 water resistance rating means it is perfect to use in wet condition, light rain day or snowy day. Made from military-grade aluminum, it can resist rust and corrosion. Ideal for camping, hunting, dog walking, power outage and other indoor or outdoor activities.
  • ZOOMABLE FLASHLIGHT- Led flashlight has ability to narrow or widen the area you wish to light. You can stretch the head-pulling zoom to adjust its focus and get spot beam or flood beam you need.
  • WHAT YOU GET- Bright and handheld led flashlight *1, AAA batteries*3 and instruction manual.

It is packaged in an aesthetically appealing compact, scratch and fade resistant aluminum body and powered by 3 AAA batteries. This allows you to always have it on you, ready for action.

The ergonomic anti-slip handle with a hanging rope wrist strap ensures it does not get misplaced in the process. Its water resistance rating is IPX4, meaning it can be used in a wet environment.

It manages an impressive LED-powered beam distance of 492 feet which is very bright because of its high lumen capacity of 140 lumens. It allows you to zoom in and out, focusing and widening the coverage area for different applications.

Best Military Survival Gear- 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

Modern Military survival gear is designed to allow for as much agility as possible, and they usually go for compact and versatile. Once you identify what you need, look at the package it comes with and what else you can wrangle out of the deal.

Also, keep in mind that a lot of these situations will be unplanned. If you don’t have your survival gear with you, the chance may not present itself. Try to collect tools you can have on you at all times without too much trouble.