What is in the Military Survival Kits – Every Item Explained Fully

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The great outdoors is a venue for all the unexpected things to happen. The weather elements, intrusions from animals, risk of injuries, and losing your trail are as inevitable as starving off. So, aside from loading up heavy on food supply, you also need a room in your pack for your survival kit. It doesn’t matter if you are a noob or an expert in hitting the trail; you need to be ready for all the inevitable. And a good military survival kit will never fail to get you out of the situation.

Military survival kits are basic survival kits that come with specialized equipment. Basically, a basic survival kit includes a first aid supply, tools for fire and light, or equipment to provide food and water. Military survival kits include additional and advanced equipment and survival essentials.

Below, we break down the basics of a typical military survival kit and why they are necessary. These are the things you need to tick on your list to save yourself from outdoor distress.


In any emergency and survival situation, you will need trustworthy and versatile tools to handle any situation. It may be for putting up a tent, starting a fire, or skinning a game. Military multitools are compact individual hand tools that can be folded into a single unit and easily stashed in a pocket. Multitools roughly include knives or blades, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, and can and bottle openers.

Depending on the brand, multi-tools can have several functions for different uses. Military multi-tool like the Victorinox Swiss Army has about 33 featured functions for versatility. It has tools for sewing, fish scaling, and filing, and a couple more for various uses.

Fire Starting Kit

What is in the Military Survival Kits – Every Item Explained Fully

When night rolls in or the weather get drastic, a military survival kit should provide you with tools to start a decent fire. It is also essential to get done with the cooking. A stormproof match or lighter is definitely the go-to fire essentials that are simple and easy to use. Ferro rods and magnesium blocks are also a good enough option. A stash of emergency tinder is likewise a necessity and a small magnifying glass with a skill of fire-starting patience.

Some military survival kits may include a flint and steel fire starter. These are durable flint rods that can start a fire when struck against the ground. Some decent multi-tool may even include flint and steel in its bunch of tools.

Light and Illumination

Flashlights and LED lights are survival essentials you should not ditch, and rightly so. For battery-operated lights, it needs two sets of extra batteries. Some campers may now opt for solar-powered lanterns that can double as charging ports for mobile phones. Solar lights are sustainable, but they may not yield light as bright as battery-operated ones. A couple of candles are also a life-saver in surviving a dark and cold night.

Rescue and Communication Signals

In the wild, whistles, flares, and signaling mirrors are handy for beckoning emergencies. In the military, lights are useful for illumination. They are also used to signal a distress call for rescue. Thus, some military survival kits may include a light distress marker strobe. It is necessary for signaling an emergency with a specialized lighting code and rhythm. Don’t forget to include a trusty compass for getting your way out of nowhere.

Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets are also necessary for any outdoor activity. When drinking water runs low, any bodies of water you may stumble upon are not always potable. Purification tablets provide instant disinfection to kill pathogens and make them drinkable. It releases chlorine to kill pathogens, but don’t worry, according to Poison Control, they are generally safe when used properly.

First-Aid/Medical Kits

On-the-go medical kits are not only limited to wound care and treatment. Aside from gauze, bandages, antibiotic creams, it should also have over-the-counter meds. Aspirin, NSAIDs, antacids, laxatives, and antihistamines always have their places in first-aid kits along with prescription meds as needed. Military survival kits may also have tourniquets, tweezers, disinfecting supplies, and some personal hygiene kits.

Cords and Tapes

Survival bracelets or paracords are handy for all grunt works. These are twisted nylon cords with seven 3-ply yarn cords that are valuable for handling heavy loads. They are useful for rigging baggage, putting up shelters, or securing loads. A minimum of 200 feet paracord is good enough for a military survival kit. A monofilament fishing line of about 100 yards also makes up the kit, along with a reliable duct tape.

Survival Shelter and Warmth

The night will be very cold, and sleeping on the cold, hard ground will have no mercy. In addition to wearing a suit and packing the sleeping bag, extra clothing is also necessary. Depending on the location, a military survival kit may include a space blanket, poncho, rain jacket, or flotation vests, or some cold-weather clothing. Large vinyl tarps are also useful groundcovers in addition to tents.

Metal Mugs or Pots

What is in the Military Survival Kits – Every Item Explained Fully

Metal mugs are a useful addition to a survival kit. Metal mugs are not only beneficial for cooking and purifying drinking water. But they are also used as mess kits, like for dipping water, holding picked berries, and more mini-jobs. Tin cups are also used as a dipper for bathing without polluting the water source.

Food Rations

Military survival kits are not complete without a stash of non-perishable food rations. Emergency food supplies are non-perishable, do not require refrigeration, and are easy-to-cook or ready-to-eat. It may include oatmeal, dry cereal, canned soup, meat, tuna, instant meals, or protein bars, among others. Food stockpiles for survival are nutritious, often loaded with protein, some carbs, and fats.


When heading for an outdoor adventure or just preparing for an emergency, military survival kits are useful essentials. Nothing beats preparedness than having all the necessary arsenals when flaunted with a snake-pit situation. Food, water, gears, light and warmth, first aid kits, and personal hygiene kits are all important elements in survival. Knowing you have them will give you confidence no matter how distressing the environment can become. Survival kits are handy life-savers, quite literally.