What Are the Top 3 Benefits Of An Off-Grid Generator?

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Living off the grid without a reliable power source can be challenging, especially if you rely on natural renewable energy systems prone to frequent deficiencies.

To make things easier for yourself, buying an off-grid generator becomes a necessity to fulfill even before you go off the grid, though you could always do it later as your needs dictate. 

But how exactly will an off-grid generator benefit you? Let’s find out!

Top 3 Benefits of an Off-Grid Generator

Here are the top three benefits of using an off-grid generator on your permanent property, mobile home, or for a camping trip in the woods. 

1. An Off-Grid Generator Acts as Backup for Renewable Energy Systems

What Are the Top 3 Benefits Of An Off-Grid Generator?

For most people, solar and wind energy are the top options for living off the primary grid in a remote or inaccessible area. 

While natural renewable energy systems based on wind and solar are excellent for their eco-friendliness and lifetime cost-efficiency, they aren’t infallible. 

Renewable energy systems are prone to periodic stoppages interrupting your power supply, such as when wind speed isn’t strong enough to rotate wind turbines. 

To cushion yourself from power outages caused by natural interruptions, you can buy an off-grid power generator because it is not reliant on weather and won’t be affected by regular weather changes. 

The off-grid power generator will act as backup power to your solar generator system or wind power generator when the electrical energy output of the system is reduced or the entire system goes offline. 

For example, you can use the off-grid generator to charge the batteries of your solar generator during the winter when the sun is rarely out and natural light isn’t enough for your solar panels. 

Depending on the generator you have for off-grid use, charging the solar generator batteries may be automatic or manual. This largely depends on the generator manufacturer

The best option when buying a backup off-grid generator for wind or solar generators is to purchase one that can automatically charge your batteries to ensure a constant power supply. 

A standby off-grid generator can automatically charge your solar batteries and simultaneously supply your main panel with 120/240 volts AC or 120 volts, depending on its capacity. 

If you buy an off-grid generator as a backup for your solar or wind generator, you can use it in the following situations:

  • When you experience large seasonal interruptions in renewable energy sources. For example, in winter, enough sunlight will not be available to supply solar energy to your solar generator. 
  • When you experience seasonal changes in energy needs, such as when there is no winter solar energy, you have to resort to another electrical power source. 
  • When you have high peak power loads where supplemental power is needed. For example, when there is no solar energy in winter, but you need extra electrical energy to winterize your off-grid property. 

2. Off-Grid Generators Reduce Lifetime Energy Costs

What Are the Top 3 Benefits Of An Off-Grid Generator?

Although the upfront cost of an off-grid generator is high, you’ll have reduced energy costs throughout the viable lifetime of the generator. 

The substantial one-off purchase cost saves you money in the long run since you don’t have to keep paying monthly power bills to a provider from the primary grid. 

The good thing is that these cost savings are always possible, whether you use your off-grid generator as a standalone power source or as a backup for renewable energy systems

You can use the generator on its own, running it on fuel such as propane, petrol, diesel, or natural gas. The fuel you use will depend on the generator you buy, as informed by your needs and the availability of the fuel in your area. 

Regarding fuel and lifetime cost savings, it’s essential to acknowledge that fuel is an added cost of a diesel or gasoline generator, and some fuel types are more expensive than others. 

The repeated fuel cost makes off-grid generators more expensive than natural power generator systems like solar and wind, which are technically free for a lifetime once you have them set up and running. 

Despite the fuel cost, you can still save loads of money using an off-grid generator, especially for backup and supplemental purposes, rather than a standalone alternative to a renewable energy system.

An off-grid generator saves you money in the long term in various ways, such as:

  • Few repairs, if any
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Low fuel costs (this is subject to fuel availability in your location, the type of fuel, and how low long the backup generator runs)
  • Avoiding the exorbitant cost of connecting to the primary grid in a remote or inaccessible area

3. Off-Grid Generators Require Easy Set Up and Upkeep

What Are the Top 3 Benefits Of An Off-Grid Generator?

Most off-grid generators are portable, making them easy to set up and move whenever needed. Moving the generator is easy if you buy one with wheels or a reasonably lightweight one. 

Since the wiring isn’t complicated, no special training or power tools are required to install an off-grid portable generator. It also doesn’t require complicated infrastructure. 

If you are a handy person, you can install the portable power station by following the instructions in the manual. However, it’s advisable to call a professional to help you with the installation since small connection mishaps could cause disasters like fire and irreparable equipment damage. 

Another key benefit of an off-grid generator is that it requires minimal upkeep. You’ll only have to refill it with the right fuel to ensure it keeps running every time you need it.

Occasional cleaning of the generator is also recommended to keep it free of dust and debris. 

If you are considering living off the grid, be ready to buy yourself a reliable gas generator. It will benefit you as an alternative or backup for your solar generator, saving you lifetime energy costs, yet it’s easy to install and maintain.