Valuable Long Term Food Storage Tips For Your Survival Pantry

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We live in a world where a disaster can hit without warning. It’s better to be prepared than wait until a crisis happens then start regretting how you could have done things differently. More and more Americans are becoming cautious about unexpected scenarios. As a step of ensuring their food security, they build pantries.

Stocking your pantry with the right supplies is vital. It is recommended that your pantry stays fully stocked at all times, you don’t know when an emergency will happen. Although you are free to grab a few items every once in a while, replace them routinely to ensure that they are still fresh and fit for consumption.

Benefits of Stocking Your Pantry

Long term food storage is fundamental in emergency preparedness and it requires proper planning.

Pantries are essential because they come in handy when it comes to SOTF. You never know when the government will want to keep everyone indoors because of a biological attack. Natural calamities can also hinder you from reaching the grocery store, meaning that you have to depend on what you have.

Other than seeing you through an emergency, your pantry can go a long way to ensure that you don’t waste money. Making trips to the grocery stores after every few days is expensive, more so if you need to drive there.

While in the grocery store, you are most likely to find yourself buying some items under impulse. With a well-stocked pantry, however, you can avoid making these costly trips because you can always grab something from your reserve.

What to Store in Your Pantry and How to Increase Shelf-Life

Having a well-stocked pantry doesn’t necessarily make you a prepper. For long-time food storage, keep food cold and airtight, and store it in the dark.

You can have a whole pantry and still stock it with the wrong supplies, and that is why having a pantry requires you to know what should go in. Generally, you will want to store foods with a long shelf life because you never know how long a crisis may take.

Food storage depends on what you and your family eat. If you are having trouble with this, you can consider the following foods:

Powdered Milk

Milk is a vital source of nutrients for the body, but the problem is that regular milk cannot last for long. Like regular milk, powdered milk is rich in vitamins A, D, B12, and proteins, making it a good source of energy, which is necessary during a crisis. It can be stirred into your cup of tea/coffee as a flavor enhancer or used to top your oatmeal cereal. Powdered milk stores for longer and to have it last longer, you will need to keep it away from moisture.


Rice is a staple dish in many households, as it is nutritious and a great source of carbs. What many people don’t know is that rice is one of the backbones of every food storage plan. Rice is cheap and healthy, but it is recommended that if you store white rice in the pantry. That is because it has a longer shelf life (up to 20 years) compared to brown rice. To store rice for even longer, protect it from moisture by keeping it in an airtight container.

Drinking Water

According to doctors, humans can survive more days without food but only up to 3 days without water. That is why you should ensure that you have enough water in your pantry that can last you and your family for more days. Water can be stored for long as long as it is appropriately treated and securely stored. Avoid using disposable water bottle or milk jugs to store water. Consider using UV-resistant, food-grade plastic containers.


We all know what honey is, but many people don’t know what honey can do. Other than being a sweetener for your cup of tea, honey has several medicinal values and can be helpful for people who have natural anti-inflammatory. Honey can also be used as a remedy for coughs, allergic symptoms and can also be used as a natural anti-biotic. It can also be applied to wounds to enhance healing, and the best thing about honey is that it can store for many years. Honey almost never goes bad and it is used as a preservative for fruits.


Meat is a vital part of your diet, and even during an emergency, you need to ensure that your body gets the usual nutrient supply if not better. There are different kinds of meat cans, including beef, chicken, tuna, shrimp, salmon, pork, and even Spam. In your pantry, you will want to have all these varieties since they have different nutrients content. Meat can be served with a variety of other dishes, and the best part is that they can store for long if are properly preserved.


Fruits must be part of your diet because they are rich in vitamins and other minerals that you can never find naturally in other foods. Fruit are rich in fiber and can store for a very long time and still have the same fresh taste and smell. When stocking your pantry with fruit cans, you will want to consider the different kinds of fruits like pears, peaches and pineapples. On opening your fruit can, ensure that you cover it well if you don’t finish the contents to prevent it from getting exposed to decomposers.

Coffee and Tea

If you are used to drinking coffee or tea, then you already understand that they can be addictive. Keep in mind that this condition will not change when you are in crisis. The last thing you want is craving for tea or coffee, and you cannot have it when usually you would wake up from sleep for a cup. Tea and coffee take years before they go bad, but you will want to protect them from moisture.


You may not like veggies, you can’t ignore their importance in our health. Vegetables like peas, green beans, corn and canned tomatoes will allow you to have a balanced diet and will also improve your general health. If you have lots of canned food in your pantry, then you may want to consider going for freeze-dried vegetables. That is because you don’t want to overload your body with sodium. Also, you can consider using preservatives like honey to keep your veggies fresh for longer.


Food storage requires careful planning and investment. But with enough food for an emergency situation, you will avoid stress, especially if you have a family to take care of.

Some canned foods contain harmful preservatives that can make the food unsafe or unable to stay fresh for as long as they are required to. Go through the label before making a purchase.

Do you have a survival pantry? What food items do you find work best for you and your family?


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