The Best Stiletto Knife To Help You Survive in The Wild

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In survival courses, the stiletto knife is used as the most popular tool. It is also regarded as an essential piece of survival equipment. The mental leap from a knife being a defensive weapon to potentially being a tool for creating more devices isn’t difficult. The logic makes sense, but it isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. A knife is, without a doubt, a defensive instrument, but more significantly, it may be utilized to produce additional tools, which is most outstanding. A stiletto knife is preferred.

A decent survival stiletto knife should be able to cut wood for traps and feather sticks for fires, process plant material for food, and chop animal hide and flesh. With little upkeep, it will retain its edge well. It must allow you to grasp it in various ways to complete these activities. It should also be ergonomically designed and have a pleasant handle that doesn’t cause “hot spots” or blisters after use. That’s why it’s critical to choose the best knife available from a trustworthy manufacturer when preparing for an emergency.

If we have access to the following tools, we’ll be able to survive long enough for help to arrive: a knife, a fire-starting kit, and matches.

There are a few excellent survival knives on the market that you might want to explore:

Best Budget Stiletto Knife for survival 

Morakniv Companion

Morakniv Companion Carbon Steel Fixed-Blade Knife with Sheath, 4.1 Inch, Military Green
  • BUSHCRAFT KNIFE: The perfect all-in-one knife for outdoor enthusiasts, this outdoor knife makes an ideal camping knife, backpacking knife, fishing knife, hiking knife, or survival knife
  • PREMIUM BLADE: 0.08-inch thick 1095 carbon steel knife blade provides superior strength and stability with every cut
  • HIGH-FRICTION HANDLE: Made with an ergonomic polymer handle with a soft friction grip and finger guard, this knife is safe and efficient for use in all weather conditions
  • PROTECTIVE POLYMER SHEATH: Easy-to-clean plastic sheath comes equipped with a belt clip, so you can easily attach your knife to a belt or rucksack
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Blade thickness: 0.08 inch (2.0 mm), blade length: 4.1 inches (104 mm), total length: 8.5 inch (217 mm), net weight with sheath: 3.9 ounces (110 g)

The features include

  • It’s an easy investment if you know what you’re looking for.
  • Carbon or stainless steel, with a price tag that makes it accessible to everyone, the companion is available in both versions.
  • The blade measures 4.1 inches.
  • Scandinavian grind
  • 1095 carbon steel

Product Description

The Morakniv Companion series is a collection of fixed blades that has earned a solid reputation for quality while costing very little. They have several versions, but the most adaptable is the Companion series.

The Morakniv Companion is available in carbon steel and stainless steel, which are easy to sharpen. The grip on the Companion is pleasant to use with a variety of grip methods, and it won’t blister your hand after hours of carving. This model is made by Hornet Outdoor and comes with a scandi grind that’s great for wood carving and useful for tasks like game processing. A survival knife of this quality costs typically at least $100.

However, owing to its low price, you won’t be hesitant to utilize it, and you may even buy many of them for the cost of many other knives on the market.

Best Stainless-Steel Knife

Helle Utvaer

HELLE Knives - Utvaer - Fixed Blade - Classic - Birch Wood Handle - 12C27 Stainles Steel - Made in Norway
  • HANDCRAFTED QUALITY: Helle Outdoor Knives are handcrafted, high quality knives made in Norway since 1932. Our knives are built to last, and our philosophy is based on the principles of honesty, hard work and quality.
  • BLADE DETAILS: Sandvik 12C27 is Sandvik's most well-rounded knife steel with excellent edge performance allowing razor sharpness, high hardness, exceptional toughness, and good corrosion resistance.
  • HANDLE MATERIAL: Made from curly birch wood and vulcan fiber. We use natural materials in our handles, and each Helle Knife has its own unique look.
  • DIMENSIONS: Handle Length 4.7" (120 mm), Blade Length 4.0" (102 mm), Blade Thickness .12" (3.1 mm)
  • INCLUDES SHEATH: Genuine leather sheath included. Designed by Jesper Voxnaes in 2014.


  • The best woodcutter
  • This robust knife is steel with a Scandi grind and full tang.
  • The blade is 4 inches in length.
  • Scandinavian grind
  • 12C27 Steel. This material is also known as Stellite. It has a higher carbon content, which gives it good hardness and wears resistance.

Basic Product Overview

Helle of Norway, a third-generation knife firm, has produced top-notch knives for three generations. They’re excellent at creating knives with razor-sharp scandi grinds, ideal for woodcarving.

I favor Utvaer’s full-tang construction because it is more robust. The curly birch handle is practical and fits nicely in medium to large hands.

The Sandvik 12C27 steel is skinny, making it an excellent slicer. All that adds to a survival knife with a good handle, rust resistance, and excellent blade performance.

Best Small Knife for Survival

Condor Woods Wise

Condor Tool & Knife, Primitive Mountain Knife
  • Crafted from the highest quality materials
  • Built for performance and durability
  • Made in El Salvador


  • The ideal neck knife is a small, lightweight and versatile folding knife.
  • It fits beneath a coat, keeping your hip belt free of debris.
  • The blade is 2.2 inches long
  • Grind technique employed in Scandinavia
  • carbon steel, 1075 grade

Product Overview

A small knife may still be one of the most effective survival knives if well-made. The Woods Wise is an excellent example of a knife with a fully functional thumb stud. The blade is made of 1075 carbon steel, which is only 2.2 inches long, but it’s a whittler’s dream and can perform much bigger jobs.

The leather sheath is meant to be worn around your neck as a neck knife, which fits in with any outfit. I like the Condor knife since it doesn’t get in the way of my backpack’s hip belt when I’m hiking or backpacking. If you’re a lightweight gear minimalist, the Woods Wise is ideal for you. The Woods Wise is an excellent backup knife if you believe two is one and one is none.

Best All-Around Knife

Morakniv Garberg

Morakniv Garberg Carbon Steel Full-Tang Fixed-Blade Survival Knife With Poly Sheath, Black, 4.3 Inch
  • ONE TOOL OPTION: OTO knife for any situation
  • PREMIUM BLADE: 4.3 INCH blackened carbon steel blade; Black DLC blade coating provides protection against rust and prevents reflections
  • HIGH-FRICTION HANDLE: Ergonomic polymer handle with soft friction grip and finger guard; safe and efficient for use in all weather conditions
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Blade length: 4.3 inches (109 mm); Blade thickness: 0.13 inch (3.2 mm); Overall length: 9 inches (229 mm); Weight w/ sheath: 9.6 oz. (272 g)
  • INCLUDES: Symmetrical polymer sheath suits both right and left-handed users

Of these characteristics, we have selected the following features as being most important:

Product Overview

The Garberg was created from the ground up to be a field survival knife that can withstand rugged use. It is exceptionally comfortable, even in the hand of more prominent users.

There are two knife versions: Garberg with a carbon steel blade and a blackened blade that prevents corrosion, and Garberg with a survival kit that contains fire steel, paracord, and knife sharpener (besides the fixed version). The Garberg is a multi-functional tool that I’ve discovered to be dependable.

It can easily handle demanding tasks like chopping and batoning. The Garberg can tackle any task you throw at it, including dragging through rugged terrain and back. It’s also worth noting that the Garberg is one of the finest bushcraft knives available.

Best High-End Knife

ML Custom Knives Kephart

Condor Compact Kephart Knife, Brown (CTK3936257HC)
  • A Must Buy Item.
  • Built To Last.
  • Great Item To Give as A Gift.
  • Included Components: Ctk3936257Hc


  • Traditional designs
  • Hand-forged knives are made for use.
  • The blade is 4.25 inches long.
  • Its hardness is 1095.
  • Standard grind

Product Overview

ML knife is a craftsman who creates his blades one at a time on an anvil, and he produces some of the most dependable workhorses I’ve ever handled.

Many of his creations seem to have been made for Hudson Bay fur traders and mountain men. (It’s no coincidence that the ML Kephart and Nessmuk are 19th-century woodsman-era hunting knives named after two renowned wilderness guides.)

ML knives are diverse, and while they may be eye-catching, they’re designed for use. They are outstanding.

Best Basic Knife

Sacha Puukko

Condor Tool & Knife Urban EDC Puukko Knife | 1095 High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife with a Black Paper Micarta Handle | 3.3in Blade | 3.2oz (3.5mm)
  • AUTHENTIC CRAFTSMANSHIP: Crafted by skilled artisans, this urban EDC puukko is a modern variation of a classic design. The durable blade is forged to exacting standards, displaying classic aesthetics, making it a valuable addition to your collection.
  • PAPER MICARTA WALNUT HANDLE: The black paper micarta handle is a blend of aesthetics and ergonomics providing a comfortable and secure grip, enhancing the Condor puukko knives’ ease of use. It is durable and lightweight, making it highly functional.
  • HANDCRAFTED WELTED LEATHER SHEATH: Handcrafted with attention to detail and a traditional aesthetic in mind, this small knife facilitates safe and convenient carrying during activities, effectively protecting the sharp blade from accidental exposure.
  • POCKET SIZED: This EDC fixed blade knife is prized for its portability and is ready to use for emergencies and outdoor activities. It is also cost-effective and can potentially be used for self-defense when necessary.
  • FULL FLAT GRIND WITH SECOND BEVEL: The durable grind edge of this high carbon steel knife is made with secondary bevel which ensures impressive hardness and edge retention. It is built to withstand emergencies and outdoor fishing or hunting activities.

Key Features

  • Strong and basic
  • The Puukko is a versatile camp knife worn on the hip or around the neck. It’s a fantastic outdoor tool.
  • CPM-MV is high carbon steel with the excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Mixing method of a Scandinavian grind
  • A 2.9-inch blade long

Product Overview

The Sacha Puukko, according to lore, is the finest knife of all time because it is a lesson in simplicity. The Sacha Puukko is a stripped-down version of the Sako knife made entirely of O1 tool steel and remains tough despite being devoid of extra features. There are a few options for handles, and I prefer the canvas micarta.

I’ve skinned and quartered a bull elk with this multipurpose knife, made numerous friction fire sets, and erected rudimentary shelters. It’s a great camping knife that can do almost any camp chore. The Sacha Puukko is also a good neck or belt knife as a bonus.

Best Bushcraft Knife

TOPS Fieldcraft 3.5

TOPS Knives Fieldcraft 3.5 MBROS-01SF Fixed Blade Knife with 90 Degree Spine and Firesteel
  • Tops Fieldcraft 3.5 with 90 degree sharpened spine and firesteel.
  • The scraping edge is applied to the spine from just forward of the spine jumping, all the way to the tip.
  • Overall Length 8.25" | Blade Length 3.75" | Cutting Edge 3.63" | Blade Thickness 0.160"
  • Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58 | Blade Finish Black Traction Coating | Handle Material Tan Canvas Micarta Knife Weight 5.5oz | Weight w/ Sheath 7.7oz
  • Black Kydex Sheath with Rotating Spring Steel Clip

The Fieldcraft 3.5 is a stunning bushcraft knife with a well-balanced design.


  • The blade isn’t large, coming in at over three inches long and having an overall length of almost nine inches.
  • The blade isn’t large, coming in at over three inches long and having an overall length of almost nine inches.
  • Micarta handles with a brownish-tan colour.
  • Edge of a Scandinavian grind
  • Each side of the handle features a socket, which may be used as a bow and drill fire starter when combined with the knife’s flint.