Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

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Discover the Hidden Treasures That Will Build Virtual Fortunes in the Coming Year with these little known cryptos.

The Market Never Sleeps

As I have talked about in the past, while the market is quiet, this is the best time to research new projects and build massive holding bags at value prices. And just because I may be very happy with the makeup of my current portfolio doesn’t mean there are not ways it can be improved. Instead, I am continually looking for ways to maximize my returns. Right now, I have four tantalizing prospects that I am working to build substantial positions in, because the potential returns are simply astronomical. Those that are sleeping now are missing out on a prime chance to secure generational wealth.

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

So What Are My The Fantastic Four?

You know the deal with me. I love projects that offer utility, low market cap, and the ability to generate passive income through. That’s why I am enthusiastically backing each of the following four tokens. None of them have even reached a $30 million dollar market cap yet, which means that we are still incredibly early. While I expect all of them to easily do a 10x from here, some of them will do 100X and STILL have relatively small market caps. Those are the types of high-value projects I never stop hunting for.

Additionally, while we still remain mired in what will likely be a prolonged bear market, each of the four choices have the ability to offer sustainable staking rewards with a high APY%. And it is my belief, it never hurts to be adding new revenue streams, especially when they are passive and require no extra work or time from me once they are up and running.

So with that being said, these are the four projects that have my primary focus now as we start the last quarter of the year.


Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Tracker: BST

Current price: .17 cents

Marketcap: $2.1 Million

Staking Options: (26% APY)

Blocksquare is a technology company developing a blockchain infrastructure to allow for the transfer of real assets to the internet. Using Blocksquare’s platform, businesses will be able to digitize value through real estate properties and launch investment options for real estate deals online. While they are relatively small now, the company has a vision to bring 100’s of different investment platforms into their ecosystem on a global scale. Sound ambitious? Indeed it is. Even though real estate has been battered in 2022 from the recession, traditionally it remains one of the most reliable assets to generate handsome returns. So long-term this could be a fantastic play.

At the moment, the BST token is only available on Uniswap, but as more crypto exchanges take notice and start to make this project more widely available, the price should respond accordingly. Right now though, with a bit of effort, you can secure a massive bag at an incredible bargain price, then stake it for 26% APY! Those returns can then add up quickly!


Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Tracker: CPOOL

Current price: .12 cents

Market Cap: $22.1 Million

Staking Options:

Quite simply, Clearpool offers a decentralized capital market that provides borrowers access to a range of unsecured loans through their de-fi ecosystem. Through the use of a dynamic interest model, Clearpool can quickly provide new offerings in real-time based on demand, supply, and market forces.

The benefit to Clearpool backers is the ability to earn attractive yields through the use of liquidity pools and token staking. Despite the current bear market conditions, CPOOL has thrived in recent weeks showing that there is a hungry market for what they are offering. With new institutions being regularly brought into the platform, this project should continue to grow steadily as consumers continue to hunt for reliable loan options at competitive rates.

CPOOL holders can currently stake their tokens on platforms like Kucoin, but on October 7th they will be able to stake for a higher APY% on the Clearpool app itself. This is one project that has shown that the current market conditions have not been able to slow its growth. So, imagine if you can, how much higher it can range when things eventually begin to improve and more investment confidence returns. This one is going to go nuclear, in the best way.

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Just look at the way it has performed over the past three months.


Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Tracker: CBD

Current price: .021 cents

Market Cap: $3.2 Million

Staking Options: (21% APY)

I’ve talked about Greenheart ($CBD) a lot in recent months and I will continue to highlight this unique gem. As previously discussed, Greenheart is paving the way for real world utility with a defi platform that allows farmers to secure loans for farming hemp for use in increased CBD production.

Hemp has an incredible range of useful applications (more than 50,000!) and is also incredibly beneficial for renewing soil quality. Quite simply, we need to be producing more of this, and as more farmers are brought into the platform they will gain the ability to sell their wares to a larger market.

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Greenheart token holders earn a share of the profits through staking, which provides a practical and sustainable way to ensure great returns via a physical product. Unlike many crypto projects this is one with real world applications and not simply vaporware. Given a market cap just barely above $3 million with a limit of 150 million total tokens, the opportunity for explosive gains with Greenheart is basically a no-brainer. As more of the major platforms start to list $CBD, expect to see this project skyrocket.

At the moment, $CBD is only available for purchase on PancakeSwap.

Morpheus Network

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

Tracker: MNW

Current price: .58 cents

Market Cap: $27.6 Million

Node Options: TBD

They say the best projects are the ones that solve real-world pain points, so if that is the case this could be a big-time winner. Unfortunately 2022 has exposed a lot of problems with the global supply chain that has been in disarray. That’s why this project by the Morpheus Network which is looking to disrupt a 16 Trillion Dollar industry is so compelling. They are diligently building a robust platform to optimize supply chains and with powerhouse companies like SAP, Coca Cola, AT&T & Telefonica already onboard as partners, the sky is truly the limit with this project.

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

The one caveat I’ll add about Morpheus Network right now is that they have not yet officially launched Masternodes. When they do, you’ll need 1800 tokens for each node and have the ability to earn a tasty 18% APY on your holdings. If the nodes were already available to profit from, I would probably be investing more aggressively here, but given that it should be happening any time now, I have some dry powder ready to deploy when the time comes.

Don’t Take My Word For it Though

Four Little Known Cryptos I’m Stacking For 2023

For full transparency, I have holdings in each of these products and always recommend that others do their own research before making investments of their own. While I have great confidence in the picks I am making, I would never ask anyone to blindly follow. These are just plays I think warrant extra attention.

Also, one should never invest money into anything that they cannot afford to lose. Nothing is a sure bet in this world, and I have lost big before, but I truly feel these plays each have home run potential to run big.

That being said, which new low-cap altcoins should I be investigating next? Please share your own thoughts in the comments, so we can continue to grow and profit together. I want to continue to build a community that sees us all win by sharing knowledge and voicing any concerns.

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