The Best Survival Gear Reviews and Advice

Survival Foods

If you like to go camping, on expeditions, or are worried about emergencies, you might want to stock up on some food rations.

Finding good emergency foods can be difficult though, which is why we are here today, to help you find the best long term survival food that your money can buy.



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Bug Out Bags

Whether you need to bug out at a moments notice, or just have the right gear with you when an emergency happens, bug out bags are an indispensable item!

Learn more about the different set ups available and best practices for your own bug out bags.


Having the right tool for the job makes things happen, as well as making them easier to get done.

Carrying around a toolkit might not always be possible so having a decent multi-tool, or two, can help you get things done in a pinch.




Survival Knives

In the wilds a survival knife is much more than something to eat with, it literally could be the only thing between you and certain death!

Not all survival knives are made equal and choosing the right type and bran is important!