What Should a Swiss Army Knife Include?

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A Swiss Army knife is a pocket knife with a variety of tools. It is used to carry out survival tasks in both urban and wild environments.

A basic Swiss knife should have a large blade, small blade, scissors, can opener, toothpick, and tweezers. It can also be used to help scale a fish, remove a splinter, and start a fire.


A pair of Swiss Army scissors is an essential item that every home should have. The high-quality, stainless steel blades come with durable handles that are great for everyday use or specialized professional tasks.

A user replaceable spring between the handles automatically opens the blades, making snipping easier. These Victorinox scissors are made in Germany and feature a patented Fibrox handle for excellent grip and comfort.

Many Swiss Army knives include a set of scissors, but the type and size depends on the model. Some models have a screw attaching the scissors to the pivot, while others are attached with a rivet.

The rivet, rather than a screw, will ensure that your scissors stay in good working order for years to come. If the scissors on your Swiss Army knife aren’t opening freely, then it may be time to put a drop of mineral oil at the pivot point.

In addition to scissors, the Swiss Army knife often includes a bottle opener, nail file, screwdrivers, wire stripper, and tweezers. The versatility of these tools makes them ideal for a variety of different tasks, including whittling and wood carving.


A Swiss Army knife is a multi-tool that packs a lot of punch into a single pocketknife. It can scale a fish, remove a splinter, start a fire, or sew a ripped seam shut.

The original Swiss Army Knife was designed in the 1880s to help soldiers open cans and assemble service rifles. They’re still used today by millions of people.

Most Swiss Army Knives include a pair of tweezers tucked into one of the shells. They’re about 1 1/2″ long (37 mm) on small knives and about 2″ long (51 mm) on larger ones.

They are the smallest of all the tools in this article, and they’re also the most useful. They can be used to hold onto a smaller part or to pry a splinter from your skin, which is definitely the most important use of all. Alternatively, they can be changed into a tweezer with a sharp tip by grinding the rounded tips down using a nail file or similar tool. It’s a clever trick that might be the best thing for your pockets.

Bottle Opener

The Swiss Army knife is a tool that features multiple functions and implements stowed within its handle. Traditionally, a Swiss Army knife has a drop-point blade plus other implements such as screwdrivers, a can opener, and saw blade.

The knives are made of stainless steel, which is much more rust-resistant than carbon steel. They’re also more malleable, which is a great feature for heavy-duty use.

There are several different types of Swiss Army knives. Some are designed for everyday use, while others are more for the survivalist.

Some knives have a combination bottle opener/can opener, which is great for people who depend on canned goods for emergency food. This type of opener is more durable than crank-style manual can openers because it has fewer moving parts.

When you open a can with the combo tool, make sure to keep your fingers away from the sharp edge. This will prevent injury and protect the tool from bending. To clean the tool, wipe it down with a paper towel and then shake it a few times.

Nail File

A nail file is a tool that many Swiss Army knives come with. It’s useful for keeping your fingernails short and trimmed and also helps keep your cuticles in check.

Generally speaking, the best nail files have a metal file on one side and a nail cleaner on the other. The nail cleaner is especially useful as it removes all the gunk from under your nails to prevent them from growing too long.

The Victorinox Classic SD is a tiny multi-purpose tool that packs in function and quality at a very affordable price. It’s designed to be the size of a credit card and can fit in most people’s pockets or purses with ease.

In addition to the obvious features that many swiss army knife enthusiasts are most familiar with (the blade, the tweezers and the bottle opener), this model comes with an awl and reamer. Unlike most awls on the market that simply tap the ground and dig, this one can be used to drill or ream holes into materials like leather or canvas.


A Swiss Army knife is an iconic tool. They’re popular for their dependability and versatility.

They were first produced in 1891 for the Swiss military, and they’re still used today by many people. There are a variety of different models out there, each with a few different tools.

The knife’s reamer (also known as an awl) is tapered in a way that makes it incredibly useful for drilling or reaming holes. It’s also great for punching holes in leather and canvas, and it can be used to make holes in sturdier materials like wood.

A swiss army knife usually comes with at least one screwdriver. Look for a small flat-head screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver, and sometimes you’ll see mini-screwdrivers as well. Then, check the key ring hanging from the outside of the knife to see what other tools can be attached there for extra utility.

Wire Stripper

The Swiss Army knife is one of the most iconic knives in the world. They’ve been around for more than a century, and have seen countless modifications.

The large blade on a Swiss Army knife is incredibly useful for almost any task you can think of. It’s the perfect size for cutting up your food, gutting a fish, or whittling wood into a unique shape.

Many of these multi-tools also come with a small blade that is about the same length and thickness as the large blade. It can be used for delicate tasks like removing splinters or clipping small pieces of wire.

A wire stripper is another handy tool to have on hand, especially if you’re in the woods or an emergency situation where you need to free yourself from a cord or line. Most multi-tools have jaws that have wire cutters near the fulcrum, so you can quickly cut copper electrical wire or steel snare wire.

A key ring, removable tweezers and a toothpick are other common features found on a swiss army knife. Some even come with a magnifying glass, which can be very helpful in dark situations or when you need to get a closer look.


The awl is a tool that is often found in Swiss Army knives and many other multi-tools. It is used for punching holes in a variety of materials including leather, canvas and plastic as well as soft wood. It can also be used for reaming out existing holes in these materials.

Some Swiss Army Knives come with an awl that has a sewing eye hole which can be used to sew thick material like leather or cloth. This is a handy feature to have for sewing projects.

If you are going on a camping trip or any other type of outdoor adventure, it is a good idea to carry an awl with you. This is especially true for those who have sensitive skin and are prone to blisters.

Awls are not always found in the most popular Swiss Army Knives but it is a great tool to have for a survival situation. You might not be able to find an awl in your Swiss Army knife but there are plenty of other options available to you, so don’t be afraid to look for them when buying your next survival knife.

Key Ring

A key ring is one of the best ways to keep track of keys. However, if you have more than a few of them, the key ring can become too bulky and impractical to carry around.

There are several different solutions to this problem, including a pocket clip or a lanyard with paracord. These solutions can help you keep your Swiss Army Knife handy and easy to find, especially if you like working with tools and fixing things.

You can also get a Swiss Army Knife Keychain that will hold your tool onto a keyring without adding any extra bulk or making it difficult to use. This is a great way to have your tool with you at all times, and it’s ideal for anyone who travels often or who needs to keep their keychain organized.

Whether you’re looking for a Swiss Army Knife to have on your keychain or want an extra backup for your pocket, you can find plenty of options online and in stores. We recommend checking out the Classic SD from Victorinox for a great multi-tool that is both affordable and functional.