Are Multi-tools Worth It?

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The thought of combining a bunch of tools into one package is not a modern consideration.

The earliest of these tools were normally for eating. But it wasn’t until World War II that multi-tools gained worldwide popularity. This was mainly due to the Swiss Army Knife

Calling it a name with the word knife in it was a bit of a misnomer as it is much more than a blade with extra features.

Multi-tools are convenient-sized tools that are commonly carried by artisans, outdoorsmen, and soldiers worldwide thanks to its usefulness and versatility in sticky situations.

It wasn’t until recent years that designers, metalworkers, and engineers have revisited the idea of a multi-tool to create a more unique idea that lets you carry a variety of useful tools in one. But are multi-tools worth it? Let’s take a look.

Are Multi-tools Worth It?

Always Ready

The basic concept behind a multi-tool is being prepared. A multi-tool is a utilitarian tool unlike any other option. Almost every nuance is functional as long as they have been executed properly. This means that multi-tools are very useful.


If you come across a stray thread, an unopened bottle, or a loose screw, you will see that carrying a multi-tool is a quick and convenient way to tackle the problem. You don’t have to walk away and find your toolbox. You can just grab the multi-tool from your pocket, saving you time and frustration.


A multi-tool is excellent in its ability to give you many effective, simple solutions to most everyday issues. While these tools may not be perfect for complex problems, they can handle most small, common jobs like cutting or prying something open, measuring something, opening a bottle, and tightening a screw.


An emergency can’t always be predicted, which is what makes them urgent. All you can really do is hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Carrying a multi-tool means you are ready for many issues if you find yourself in a dilemma. In fact, having a multi-tool on you can mean the difference between life and death.


There are so many different ways to explain how important a multi-tool is, but just one solitary experience can show you the difference between seeing the benefits of carrying a multi-tool. When you run into the occasion that you need a multi-tool, you will need to know what features you should consider in a multi-tool.

Are Multi-tools Worth It?

Here are Some of the Features You Want


Think about how you want to carry your multi-tool. Some of them come with a hook that you can put on your keychain or belt loop. Some come with pocket clips. Many are able to fit comfortably into your pocket. If you don’t have lots of space, find one that can attach to your beltloop, keychain, or wallet. You want a multi-tool that is very portable.


By definition, your multi-tool must be able to serve multiple functions. But you need to know what type and how many functions you need. When considering a multi-tool, look at the list of its specs.

Some multi-tools come with just a few things, whereas others can come with a wide number of tools. Look at what you need. Also, consider whether you want the tool to measure in metric or imperial.


How long your multi-tool lasts will be determined by what materials were used in its construction. Normally, they are made from titanium, aluminum, or steel because of the durability they offer.

You may also find some manufacturers include carbon fiber, plastic, or wood for a lighter weight or nicer appearance. Your goal should always be to find the most durable, strong material build possible for your multi-tool.


In the end, a multi-tool is no sh083-20nt for traditional tools as they aren’t designed with the purpose of being used for intense work – and you shouldn’t expect this from them. They are made to be a great, on-the-spot, ever-ready solution that you can use on the go. For general daily tasks, you will find great use from a multi-tool which makes them worth it.

But, if you are planning on constructing large furniture items or doing vehicle refits, you will want to grab your normal tools. You can easily carry a multi-tool on your belt loop or in your pocket, making it ideal for every day carrying in case of emergencies. You know what they say – rather be safe than sorry.